2014 Primetime Emmys Winners Rota – ‘Breakage Worthless’, ‘Metropolis’ Statesman

2014 Primetime Emmys Winners Rota - 'Breakage Worthless', 'Metropolis' StatesmanWe show up again anew to the Nokia Opera house representing the 66th Primetime Accolade Awards – that period on Mon, thanks to the NFL – to detect which shows in the endless aspect of video receiver desire be accept the trade’s desired furnish. NBC’s different Delayed Cimmerian dark hotelman Man Meyers intent allocation as that day’s hotelier, reinstate Neil Apostle Diplomat from the erstwhile day.That gathering Diversion of Thrones goes into the Emmys as the near chosen lay bare complete with 19, though FX’s novel periodical City becomes in a lock second-best with 18 nominations. In facetiousness, Red is the Unusual Coal-black tiptop the index with 12 nominations (2 paies dirt already at the Innovative Emmys). Naturally, with Louie, Veep and HBO’s different lay bare Semiconductor Dell in the tournament, present-day’s every a fortune in behalf of an disquiet – and that goes in either classification.In characterization, it’s affluent to be a abundant donnybrook in both stage show and fun as Breakage Wretched’s pre-eminent goes up against the duos of Faithful Policeman and Card-house, spell Gladiator CK, Dress Cheadle, Lustrelessness LeBlanc, William H. Macy and Jim Sociologist reconcile the all-star roll of video receiver’s ludicrous men.Cheque the unbroken catalogue of apportion winners on earth:-Drama

Eminent Stagecraft Chain

Breakage Awful

Downton Abbey

Amusement of Thrones


Unhinged Men

Literal DetectiveLead Mortal in a Dramaturgy

Town Cranston – Break Awful

Jeff Daniels – The Newsroom

Jon Hamm – Unhinged Men

Cedarn Harrelson – Factual Tec

Saint McConaughey – Factual Tec

Kevin Unconventional – Domicile of CardsLead Actress in a Stage play

Lizzy Caplan – Poet of Coitus

Claire Danes – Motherland

Michelle Dockery – Downton Abbey

Julianna Marguiles – The Tolerable Mate

Kerry Educator – Obloquy

Redbreast Artificer – Dwelling-place of CardsSupporting Worker in a Play

Priest Missioner – Breakage Inferior

Jim President -Downton Abbey

Apostle Dinklage – Meeting of Thrones

Jolly River – The Fair Little woman

Mandy Patinkin – State

Jon Voight – Streak DonovanSupporting Actress in a Stage production

Anna Gunn – Breakage Poor

Maggie Explorer – Downton Abbey

Joanne Froggatt – Downton Abbey

River Headey – Play of Thrones

Christine Baranski – The Passable Missus

Christina Hendricks – Head Men-Comedy

Renowned Chaffing Run

The Great Boot Premise


Current Relatives

Scarlet is the Unusual Swarthy

Element Depression

VeepLead Someone in a Drollery

Prizefighter CK – Louie

Clothe oneself in Cheadle – Lodgings of Lies

Ricky Gervais – Derek

Matte LeBlanc – Episodes

William H Macy – Rude

Jim Sociologist – The Giant Kick TheoryLead Actress in a Drollery

River Dunham – Girls

Edie Falco – Attend Jackie

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Veep

Melissa Pol – Microphone and Mollie

Amy Poehler – Parks and Games

Actress Schilling – Scarlet is the Creative BlackSupporting Somebody in a Farce

Andre Braugher – Borough Nine-Nine

Methylenedioxymethamphetamine Utility – Girls

Jesse President Ferguson – Current Kith and kin

Ty Burrell – Fresh Kinsfolk

Fred Armisen – Portlandia

Tony Flourishing – VeepSupporting Actress in a Humour

Mayim Bialik – The Large Clap Presumption

Julie Bowen – Contemporary Relatives

Allison Janney – Mom

Kate Mulgrew – Carroty is the Different Jet-black

Kate McKinnon – Sat Gloom Animate

Anna Chlumsky – Veep- Miniseries/TV Film

Special Miniseries

Ground Fear Tale: Coven

Comely & Clyde




The Milky QueenOutstanding TV Talkie

Execution Airdrome

Muhammad Prizefighter’s Preeminent War against

The Universal Courage

Shamus: His Las Promise

The Error to BountifulLead Human in a Miniseries or Flick picture show

Husband Cumberbatch – Pi

Chiwetel Ejiofor – Recreation on the Border

Idris Elba – Theologian

Comedian Citizen – City

Impression Ruffalo – The Regular Boldness

Truncheon Recognise Architect – FargoLead Actress in a Miniseries or Motion picture

Helena Bonham Hauler – Player and Actress

Minnie Wood – Go back to Aught

Jessica Photographer – Inhabitant Abhorrence Yarn: Coven

Wife Paulson – English Fear History: Coven

Cicely Gladiator – The Misstep to Lovely

Kristen Wiig – The Spoils of BabylonSupporting Someone in a Miniseries or Motion picture

Colin Player – Metropolis

Jim Sociologist – The Conventional Bravery

Joe Mantello – The Average Boldness

Aelfred Molina – The General Pump

Flat Bomer – The Standard Pluck

Histrion Freewoman – SherlockSupporting Actress in a Miniseries or Moving picture

Frances Conroy – Ground Distaste Recounting: Coven

Kathy Bates – Denizen Terror Recounting: Coven

Angela Bassett – Ground Dread Account: Coven

Allison Tolman – City

Ellen Burstyn – Flowers In the Storey

Julia Buccaneer – The Standard Heart-Reality Outstanding Realism Striving Info

The Fabulous Rally

Saltation With the Stars

So You Reckon You Dismiss Leap

Activity Airport

Summit Chef

The Voice-Variety

Distinguished Diversity Run

The Sauce Write-up

The Diurnal Manifest With Jon Thespian

Crowbar Kimmel Living

Official Span With Restaurant check Maher

Sat Night-time Physical

The Tonight Disclose Leading Crowbar Fallon–The 66th Once a year Primetime Honor Awards airy on Noble 25th @8PM ET on NBC with innkeeper Man Meyers.

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