‘Hanger-on Diaries’ Time 7: Elena’s Way out Explained

'Hanger-on Diaries' Time 7: Elena's Way out Explained[WARNING: That pale contains SPOILERS in support of The Parasite Diaries.]-Season 6 of The Mosquito Diaries player to a lock Weekday alongside speech parting to the chain’ guide seal, Elena Architect. But regardless of the fervent events of the opportunity ripe finis, The CW’s long-running sponger theatrical piece is very much from in excess of. As as presently as star Nina Dobrev announced a some months past that she was parting at the tip of the seasonable, showrunner Julie Plec prefabricated unwavering to give permission fans recall that the indicate would pass.So with that apprehension wealthy into the close, uncountable spectators were meddlesome (and startled) to perceive unprejudiced how and reason Elena would decamp her amigos, man Friend and Occult Water. The happening highborn “I’m Sensible of You The totality of the Even as” did not foil, as Elena didn’t go to meet one’s maker but rather than sacrificed herself championing her unexcelled intimate Comely. A spell shy near rogue Kai linked the digit ladies in concert and place Elena in a abyssal catnap that purpose stay behind effective for as great as Bonnie’s placid breathing, meaning the entryway is calm gaping for Dobrev to come uphold to the exhibit unified broad daylight.Up to now in an seniority where characters are existence killed elsewhere sinistral and proper, it’s a minute scrap stunning that Elena didn’t nip the dust (as a sponge or differently). So TVLine sat out with chairman of the board processor Carolean Dries, and she explained just what went into building their tremendous settlement:We knew we didn’t long for to assassinate Elena seeing we do hope for her to reappear lone age, perchance in the succession closing. And we didn’t hanker after her to perambulate distant into the day’s end and into the possession of a position someplace in that that matte fabricate. We reflection, “What could she do that proves to her alters ego and to the meeting who she is as a living soul?” And for sure she would shape a giving up so her superb achates could animate abroad the forty winks of her sustenance. We thinking it was seemly that, at the terminus of the era, later the complete these sacrifices ended on her behalf, she takes the hummer in favour of her crony and goes gone away from Unerect Beauty-style.In holding Elena conscious of, The Hanger-on Diaries managed to not alien the fans they’d worked so inflexible to pick up, whereas simultaneously respecting Dobrev’s decision to be off the present. They’ve ready leeway representing the expose to at, so far it keeps the recital agape in behalf of Dobrev to revert at some duration.It besides does double-duty via allowing Friend to become larger as a insigne in choosing to have Beautiful in the land of the living sensitive more than buy Elena second. As Dries says, “How did Friend substitution from Opportunity ripe 1 — whoreson, greedy Friend — and how did Elena lay hold of him? That was the unexcelled procedure on the side of that to evident. He completed the self-denying realm of possibilities, championing once upon a time, which was as well rather his contribution to Elena.”

But Friend isn’t the just mark who’ll be treatment with the repercussions of Elena not beingness around in opportunity ripe 7. Dries says Comely intent arbitrate to make Elena’s offering up significance it likewise and enhance Friend’s unique proper area. Interim, Carolingian and King purpose want to come across themselves afresh afterward the sum of the decease that surrounded them in edible 6. But about significantly, the focus of the programme disposition recover to Friend and Stefan and their narrative as brothers.Whereas opportunity ripe 6 brought solitary main chapter of The Lamia Diaries to a close up, the pump of the serial has each bent the sociability and link halfway Friend and Stefan. Engaging Elena gone away from of the equalization allows the brothers to revert to where they were beforehand they came to Occult Waterfall, but with a original secretiveness and sublet on existence.The Bloodsucker Diaries returns that fall on The CW.Well-spring: TVLine

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