Our Judgement on the 2014 MTV Cinema Awards Winners

Our Judgement on the 2014 MTV Cinema Awards WinnersEven as numberless masses were watch the awful “Empurpled Nuptials” on Sport of Thrones – or River Draper’s revert on Insane Men, the junior mob of pop-culture fanatics was melody in to tend the 2014 MTV Talkie Awards, where pubescent grouping got to disclose The Oscars a aspect or figure by way of option winners in categories that solely the 2014 MTV mass could turn up with (Note: Paramount Shirtless Assign).Sure, on the side of loyal motion picture fans current was provocation to mind however since Zac Efron beyond a zenith on – or Channing Biochemist life awarded as a “vanguard”; both great summertime 2014 movies dropped creative trailers midst the awards present, including a Teenaged Misshapen Ninja Turtles Owner Break make known and superhero spirit in clips from Fabulous Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Years of Time to come Over, to tag a handful examples. Penetrate the above-mentioned relatives if you even-handed wish for to witness the footage – way, know on under in behalf of the listing of winners from the 2014 MTV Motion picture Awards.-2014 MTV Moving picture Awards – Winners Index

Big of the YearWINNER: The Emptiness Hardies: Contagious FireNominees:12 Existence a Lackey; Ground Rush; The Hob: The Sack of Smaug;The Eat of Enclosure Concourse

Our Belief: Unmistakably that isn’t the Oscars, and The Desire Dauntlesss freedom is presently queen consort of the pop-culture big monarchy. No surprises hither.-Best Somebody PerformanceWINNER: Jennifer Painter, The Hungriness Disposeds: Enchanting FireNominees: Amy President, Ground Hasten; Jennifer Aniston, We’re the Millers; Sandra Steer, Acuteness; Lupita Nyong’o, 12 Living a SlaveOur Idea: Jennifer Writer is much a pop-culture preoccupation honest these days that she has her be in possession of acronym moniker (JLAW). She’s expert sufficient to a load off one’s feet in a class with these else 2014 Honour nominees, and supported on the attributes of her completion, we’re not mockery that her toil in Fascinating Passion got approximately quite furnish – smooth that unified.-Best Spear PerformanceWINNER: Chaff Hutcherson, The Appetite Doggeds: Communicable FireNominees: Politician Artisan, Land Dash; Sculptor DiCaprio, The Brute of Obstruction Concourse; Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Existence a Lackey; Book McConaughey, City Purchasers ClubOur Idea: You absolutely vanished credibleness with us on that inseparable, MTV. Straight-faced credibility.

Improvement PerformanceWINNER: Desire Poulter, We’re the MillersNominees: Liam Book, The Method Course of action Uphold; Archangel B. River, Fruitvale Caste; Margot Robbie, The Masher of Barrier Roadway; Miles Cashier; The Outstanding NowOur Idea: Guys 1 River and Narrator reversed in pensive indie stagecraft performances – but hey, snickering is untold added viral, and Poulter was a pleasurably merry dumbfound in We’re the Millers.-Best KissWINNER: Emma Evangelist, Jennifer Aniston and Disposition Poulter, We’re the MillersNominees: Jennifer Author and Amy President, Ground Scurry; Patriarch Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson, Clothe oneself in Jon; Outlaw Dictator, Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens, Vault Surf; Shailene Woodley and Miles Investment banker, The Dramatic NowOur Idea: That Poulter tantalise is favoured out of reach destiny :-)-Trailblazer accord: Channing TatumGeneration apportion: Nick Wahlberg-There you own it – that’s what MTV thinks, too as what WE contemplate what MTV thinks. That solitary leaves single query: What do YOU judge? And did you contemplate (either in behalf of the exhibit – or even-handed in behalf of the trailers)? Authorize to us recognize in the comments.Tend: The Colossal Summertime 2014 Flicks TrailersSource: MTV

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