The Flash Review: Zoom’s Secrets Spill as Heroes Fall

The Flash Review: Zoom until, once again, a pep talk from his friend made him realize he absolutely could. We've mentioned before that the 'you can do this, Barry, now do it' is getting worn out, not to mention undercutting Barry's heroism. To see it return here just as unconvincing is something we sincerely hope will be addressed (read: cast side completely).The bad news is that the strong character comedy and dynamics, and the infinitely compelling reveal of the man in the iron mask, are balanced out by two of the worst moments in recent Flash memory. It's safe to assume that, at this point, everyone even somewhat familiar with superheroes has heard of the police chief or (the far more stereotypical) newspaper editor who, based on nothing but plot conventions, decides that the hero is actually

The single scene introducing the subplot is even more puzzling, since it’s never returned to or elaborated upon to justify it. But even more disappointing is the thing – probably best to not even call it a character – called upon to give the team at S.T.A.R. Labs their own battle. Seeing Jay regain his speed and leap into the fight is a treat for fans, but even he isn’t forced to lower himself to what is possibly the worst villain the show has introduced thus far. Such formulaic or standard superhero fare can usually be written off as required to give fans a reliable episode, but with Caitlin and Iris each given their own minor subplots, there was really no reason to include the villain, other than hint at Jay’s secret activities.Next: The Flash: Zoom’s True Identity Finally Revealed?The Flash returns next Tuesday with “King Shark” @8pm on The CW. Check out a preview below:

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