Legends of Tomorrow: First Look At Oliver Queen 2046

Legends of Tomorrow: First Look At Oliver Queen 2046DC Comics has etched for itself a sizable chunk of primetime television real estate, with The Flash airing on Tuesdays, Arrow on Wednesdays, and now Legends of Tomorrow on Thursdays. Establishing a time and place – in this case, 8/7c on The CW – where viewers can visit the DC Universe for three hours (four if we ignore that Supergirl airs on CBS, and five if we’re really generous and include Gotham on FOX), DC has created for fans a weekly window into their world.Tuning in to the DC/CW Universe at the same time, same channel certainly helps with ratings, but the presentation also lends itself to characters appearing on each others’ show. Obviously, The Flash and Arrow have seen great success from their crossover episodes, and Legends of Tomorrow’s cast is almost entirely comprised of characters originally seen on Flash and/or Arrow. In fact, those series’ respective leads, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) were there at the top of Legends’ pilot episode, firmly cementing the series as a vital part of their expanding universe.Since then, however, both The Flash and Green Arrow have been absent from the series, which, frankly, is understandable given how busy the Waverider crew has been traveling through time, hunting down Vandal Savage. Besides, this isn’t their show – but, being that all these series exist within the same universe, one of them was bound to make another appearance eventually.

And that appearance is coming next week, actually, because while Rip Hunter and his gang of misfits arrive in a dismal future where they never defeated Savage or returned home, they’ll meet a future version of Green Arrow in ‘Star City 2046.’ Amell himself shared a few photos, offering our first look at the older, bearded Oliver. Take a look, below:Get up old man… pic.twitter.com/xW7eQQCm7g- Stephen Amell (@amellywood) February 18, 2016I count 6 Legends and………. 2 GA (see the video above) confirms that it’s Deathstroke terrorizing Oliver’s city in this bleak future.Legends of Tomorrow returns next week at 8/7c on The CW in ‘Star City 2046.’Source: Stephen Amell, The CW

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